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Academies in the South East

Client: Carillion

  • RIBA Stages
    • 2: Concept Design
    • 3: Developed Design
    • 4: Technical Design
    • 5: Construction
    • 6: Handover and close out

What we did

Adnitt Acoustics have partnered with main contractor, Carillion, on a number of academy projects throughout the South East.

These include Colchester Academy in Essex, Galdys Aylward Academy in Middlesex, Lambeth City Heights Academy in South London, Lords Hill Academy in Southampton, Nightingale Academy in North London, Richard Park Academy in South West London, Spires Academy in Kent and The Priory Witham Academy in Lincoln to name just a few.

For each we have:

  • Conducted site noise surveys;
  • Used the survey results to provide guidance on achieving naturally ventilated solutions in classrooms;
  • Provided acoustical space planning guidance to the project’s architect;
  • Advised on the required constructions and internal room finishes to achieve the:
    • Sound insulation requirements of Building Bulletin 93;
    • Reverberation levels of the same BB93 document.
  • Carried out site inspection visits through the construction period to monitor the correct installation of the acoustic materials and design plan;
  • Conducted testing on the project’s completion to demonstrate that the required BB93 Acoustic Design for Schools standards have been met.

Acoustic features of this project

Based on our initial noise surveys, we have:

  • Recommended acoustic ventilators on, for example, the windows wherever possible to minimise the need for mechanical ventilators;
  • Together with the architect, developed the building’s layout plan so that noisy rooms are separated from noise sensitive rooms;
  • Specified the measures to be taken and materials needed to ensure all indoor ambient noise, airborne sound insulation and reverberation levels meet all BB93 performance standards.

For some of the academy projects, our noise surveys have identified inherent limitations of the existing site and buildings.

In such cases, we have recommended that alternative standards are adopted where appropriate. For example, if rebuilding walls is not financially viable to address a sound insulation issue in a refurbishment project, we have provided an alternative solution using the existing construction and a different set of performance standards which will just as viably meet statutory requirements.

The project team

Architect: Jestico + Whiles
Main Contractor:
Acoustics: Adnitt Acoustics


  • Contractual requirements
  • BB93 Acoustic Design for Schools requirements
  • Client’s need for a practical, cost effective design


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