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We were very happy with the service Adnitt Acoustics' provided - I have always found you to be responsive and flexible in developing cost effective solutions to a project's acoustic requirements.
Dominic Slevin, Novae


Client: Novae Management Ltd

  • RIBA Stages
    • 2: Concept Design
    • 3: Developed Design
    • 4: Technical Design
    • 5: Construction
    • 6: Handover and Close Out

What we did

Property and casualty (re)insurance company Novae were moving to new offices in an existing building at 21 Lombard Street. The nature of their business and client base meant that:

  • High acoustic standards were essential in the font-of-house meeting rooms and client facilities to provide maximum privacy and confidentiality;
  • Good acoustic standards were needed for back-of-house functional offices.

As an integral part of the design team, our brief was to:

  • Identify Novae's acoustic requirements and the regulatory standards their new office fit-out had to comply with (BREEAM);
  • Set out these requirements and standards in a briefing note;
  • Ensure that all the acoustic critical details of the briefing note were correctly incorporated:
    • In the final office fit-out design;
    • During the construction of the office fit-out through regular site inspection visits.
  • Conduct comprehensive pre-completion acoustic testing.

Acoustic features of this project

The office design created some unusual features and specific acoustic requirements:

  • Because the client meeting rooms opened onto the main reception area, acoustic treatment was needed in the reception area to reduce the risk of disturbance to the meeting rooms. Our solution featured fabric wrapped acoustic wall panels which were co-ordinated into the overall design and didn't compromise the designer's aesthetic vision.
  • As well as the client meeting rooms, a specific client lounge area provided a more informal setting for meetings and discussions. A timber slatted acoustic ceiling was incorporated into the design of this area to create a more relaxed ambience.
  • As with most commercial offices in the professional services sector, privacy and confidentiality were top priorities in client meeting rooms. A high level of sound insulation had to be included in the design, and site inspection visits during the construction phase conducted to check acoustically critical details.
  • The hard finishes of the staff break-out and catering facilities had the potential to be loud and disruptive. To dampen down any disturbance, acoustic panels in this area were incorporated into the fit out design.

The project team

Project Manager: Cushman & Wakefield
Interior Designer: Cushman & Wakefield
Main Contractor: Overbury
Mechanical Consultants: Elementa
Acoustics: Adnitt Acoustics


  • Privacy and confidentiality in client meeting rooms
  • Minimal disturbance from main reception area
  • BREEAM compliance


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