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Noise levels in the workplace come under the Noise at Work Regulations 2005 which came into force in 2006 for most industries and, in 2008 for the music and entertainment sectors.

Where employees may be exposed to excessive noise levels, employers are required to carry out a noise assessment and take appropriate action depending on the outcome.

What does a noise at work assessment consider?

The emphasis of the Noise at Work regulations is on reducing noise levels and only using hearing protection as a last resort. This may require:

  • Modifications to machinery;
  • Changes in working patterns;
  • Modifications to the building structure; and/or
  • Changes through other technical means on which we can advise.

It is the employer's duty to maintain anything which is intended to control noise and/or protect hearing.

Noise at work regulations for the music and entertainment sectors

Whilst the issues of high noise levels in industrial workplaces are well known, the extension of the Noise at Work regulations to the music and entertainment sectors represents a change in attitude towards people working in such environments.

License holders and operators of live music venues, nightclubs and even relatively small bars may have an obligation to carry out a Noise at Work assessment.

How we can help

Drawing on our wide experience of noise issues across all sectors, including all types of music and entertainment venues, we can:

  • Carry out on-site measurements;
  • Generate noise action plans;
  • Advise on appropriate mitigation methods for all environments that the statutory Noise at Work regulations apply to, from factories to call centres to nightclubs.

Our unwavering aim is to make practical recommendations that easily fit in with the operational reality of the working environment in question, taking into account access, safety, and economic considerations.




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