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Many studies have shown that good acoustics is important for children to achieve their maximum learning potential.

The requirements for good acoustics in schools are set out in the current Department of Education document BB93: Building Bulletin 93 Acoustic Design of Schools (and its successor documents) which comes under Approved Document E of the Buildings Regulations.

Different performance standards for schools

Within BB93, there are various alternative performance standards that might be appropriate for any given school. The acoustic consultant must therefore be able, as we are, to guide the design team through to the most appropriate and practical set of standards for any given project.

For example, acoustic standards differ depending on whether the school is a new build or a refurbishment project. They differ too if the project involves a change of use from a commercial or disused building to use as a new school under the Free School Programme.

Meeting your particular school's acoustic requirements

It is at the early stages of space planning where the most value can be had from our acoustical advice and services. It is here that we can:

  • Minimise the impact of regulations on your design;
  • Make maximum use of natural acoustic noise barriers;
  • Avoid conflict between noisy and quiet spaces;
  • Provide the regulatory required noise survey reports;
  • Help you avoid the need for unnecessary and costly acoustic solutions once the project is underway.

Throughout the construction stage, we can also carry out site inspections to:

  • Check that the acoustic specifications of your design are being implemented correctly;
  • Carry out sound testing in accordance with BB93 and BREEAM requirements, as well the ANC Good Practice Guide to Acoustic Testing in Schools which is likely to be the basis of the forthcoming ANC Registration Scheme for Schools Acoustic Testing.




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