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You need to check each of the following 14 points before our Part E Residential sound testing site visit or abortive fees may be chargeable:

  1. Has the proposed set of tests been agreed with Building Control?
  2. Are all floor and/or wall constructions complete and sealed?
  3. Are all windows, internal and external doors and all sockets, switches, etc installed?
  4. Are all rooms unfurnished? If not, contact us to check arrangements.
  5. Have temporary floor finishes (eg carpets) been removed or at least 50% of floor been exposed?
  6. Have you ensured that all works on site will be stopped for the duration of the tests?
  7. Have you arranged for us to have full access to at least 2 pairs of habitable rooms on either side of the separating floor or party wall (ie living room, bedroom, study, etc)?
  8. Is 110V or 240V mains power available throughout the site?
  9. Are there parking facilities on site?
  10. Has payment for testing been made or separate credit agreement complete? Late payment will delay submission of results, report and certificates.
  11. Have you provided a detailed description of the test separating floor construction?
  12. Have you provided a detailed description of the test party wall construction?
  13. Is the site address correct? Please provide in full including the postcode
  14. Have we got the billing name, company and invoicing address (plus order number if required)?


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CPD Seminars on Acoustics

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