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An expectation of a good acoustic environment has become part of the modern, commercial office rental market. Such expectations include:

  • Minimal to no noise intrusion from external road, air or rail traffic;
  • Minimal to no noise intrusion from mechanical services and ventilation, including traffic noise through naturally ventilated design;
  • Privacy and minimal disturbance between work stations in open plan offices;
  • Privacy in boardrooms, executive suites and conference facilities;
  • Minimal noise and reverberation in staff dining rooms and atria.

Some clients may also have specific acoustic requirements for, for example:

  • High performance video conference or sound testing rooms;
  • Dedicated major operation or emergency centres;
  • Other unusual uses with high sound insulation requirements.

Minimising noise intrusion in your offices

In addition to meeting the high acoustic standards expected by those occupying the buildings, your commercial office project also has to meet specific regulatory requirements. Whilst fulfilling BREEAM obligations is often the key driver in office developments, you may also need to follow other standards and guidelines such as:

  • British Council of Offices Guide;
  • BS8233 Sound Insulation & Noise Reduction for Buildings Code of Practice.

Our role throughout the design and build stage is to help you adhere to these standards by minimising noise intrusion from people, building plant materials and the external environment. We do this by:

  • Planning: Conducting and reporting on internal and external noise surveys that will:
    • Assess the condition of any existing facilities;
    • Determine the potential impact of noise, including construction noise;
    • Inform your detailed designs and plans;
    • Help you comply with your building control and local planning obligations.
  • Design: Providing good acoustic design advice and, if/where appropriate, cost effective recommendations to:
    • Maximise space;
    • Reduce noise intrusion and reverberation;
    • Minimise the impact of regulatory requirements on your designs and plans;
  • Testing: Carry out site inspections and construction noise monitoring, including sound insulation testing and BREEAM assessment testing as a Registered Testing Organisation within the Association of Noise Consultants (ANC) Scheme and, for air leakage testing, under BINDT.




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