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The majority of development sites in the UK require some control of noise and vibration, from construction working hour time limits to complex, high performance sound insulation. In fact, most developments, particularly those in the South East, are at the very least affected by some form of transport noise.

Whilst Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) identify noise and vibration in their 'local plan' policies, they rarely take a consistent or specific approach, even for adjacent authorities.

Helping you through the planning application process

With so many technical factors to consider and such inconsistencies in criteria, meeting the acoustic components of local planning requirements can be onerous, disruptive and serve to increase risk and costs for developers.

To help clients through the planning application process and resolve any noise and/or vibration issues, we deliver a wide range of planning related services. These include:

  • Providing technical reviews for feasibility assessment of land purchases and development proposals;
  • Attending pre-application scoping meetings with the Local Planning Authority (LPA);
  • Conducting the necessary Environmental Impact Assessments of noise and vibration for basic planning compliance and as required by individual planning conditions;
  • Undertaking a demolition / construction noise and vibration assessment;
  • Providing a construction noise management plan;
  • Producing the required expert reports for submission to the LPA;
  • Assessing the extent of any known or unforeseen problem;
  • Providing clear, concise and practical recommendations with realistic costs;
  • Liaising and negotiating with Council Officers on the acoustic aspects of a development plan;
  • Attending planning meetings if and when appropriate;
  • Providing expert representation at planning appeal hearings and/or change of use applications.

Site specific assessment, advice and representation

Instead of taking the general approach defined in most policies, our acoustic advice is tailored for the specifics of the site. Our overriding objectives are always to:

  • Ensure a successful outcome for all parties, even where specific information and guidance for the situation may be sparse;
  • Remove any potential for future complex and expensive noise and vibration control measures being needed;
  • Get the most effective balance between a reasonable environment and the needs of the development.




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