Room acoustics design, testing and monitoring

Good quality room acoustics is important for any space where large numbers of people need to clearly understand or enjoy some form of communication or music.

Good room acoustics is particularly important for entertainment venues, conference rooms, lecture theatres and places of worship. Even restaurants and cafes can be unpleasant and intimidating places to be in when the room acoustics are bad.

Even if it's not obvious that there is a problem, in most cases good acoustics can significantly enhance and improve the enjoyment of the environment in question.

Achieving good room acoustics

Room acoustics can be improved within existing facilities, as well as incorporated in to the design stage for new buildings.

For existing facilities, we monitor and test reverberation times, echoes and other measures of speech and sound quality. Similarly, when advising on the design of such spaces, we supplement our experience with acoustic modelling techniques to investigate the effect of room finishes and geometry on these measures.

For new venues, the earlier in the design process we are involved, the more integrated and sympathetic the appropriate acoustic design solution will be within the work of the other design team members.

CPD Seminars on Acoustics

CPD Seminars on Acoustics
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